20 December 2012

Review: Australian Natural Soap

I look forward to my time in the shower each night. It's a few quiet moments for me where I can relax and of course, just wash the day's craziness away. I won't settle for just any soaps and shampoos because of this. I want a pleasant scent I enjoy, and I also want products that aren't just chemical cocktails, and instead benefit my skin.

It's the rainy damp season here which means the fire is roaring often. It's warmer than any other heat, of course - but the flip side is it can dry out the air in here, which makes my skin dry and flaky. Did you know that a quality soap bar made from plant oils will not dry out your skin? Australian Natural Soap makes French-milled soap bars from 100% plant oils. It's created in Australia using the same specialized equipment and premium natural ingredients used by makers of fine French soaps. The process actually blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created and removes any impurities, leaving just pure soap. What this means for us as consumers, is that a 3.5 oz bar lasts longer than many 8 ounce bars you'll find in the bar soap section at your favorite store, on top of leaving your skin softer, smoother and less dry.

Australian Natural Soap sent me on over three of the bars to try out, in Lemon Myrtle, Ocean Beach and French Pear. As soon as I opened the package, I was greeted with the wonderful scents. I was counting down the hours until I could take a shower, let me tell you! lol The 3.5 ounce bars are the perfect size to fit into my hand, so I'm not struggling to grasp a sudsy bar in the shower (and dropping it 5 million times, lol) The bars lathered perfectly for me, and I noticed within a few days that my skin was definitely feeling more hydrated. Although I loved them all, my favorite scent was the French Pear.

All of their products are vegan and not tested on animals. They are also gluten free.

Australian Natural Soap bars are available in over 40 different fragrances, so there is sure to be something for everyone. A 3.5 ounce wrapped bar retails for $3.95, and an unwrapped bar (less packaging is better for the environment!) retails for $3.00. The company even creates wedding favor soaps! You can purchase their soaps online via their website, where all orders over $15 ship for just $5, while orders over $30 ship free. (If you have any questions, email david@australiansoap.com)

I received samples of the product mentioned above in order to try them out and share my thoughts on them. All opinions are my own.

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