25 January 2013

Friday's Featured Etsy: Red Queen Miscellanea

Welcome to my Friday's Featured post, in which I showcase Etsy stores and small businesses from folks like you and me. Recession, smession! ;)

Today's stop in Etsy land is a store called Red Queen Miscellanea. Here you'll find fun little glass bottles with an assortment of ways to save yourself if needed. ;) On many of the necklaces you can choose from a chain or ribbon, and arrives in an organza pouch. (Psst, remember these are novelties, ok? lol) This store accepts Etsy gift cards!

Check out the Drink Me / Alice in Wonderland inspired Glass Bottle / Glass Vial Pendant Necklace:

My favorite is the Zombie Virus / Anti-Virus / Antidote Glass Bottle / Glass Vial Cork Potion Earrings:

And perfect for a Valentine's Day gift is the Red Hearts in a Bottle - Polymer Clay - Glass Bottle / Glass Vial Flask Bulb-shaped Cork Pendant Necklace Charm - Valentine's Day:

Stop by Red Queen Miscellanea today and have a look around! Support handmade!

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