19 January 2013

This Is Probably Going To Be A Longer Project Than I'd Like...

We started in on trying to get our master bedroom fixed up this past week. It needs a complete overhaul, even if we are possibly moving later this year. There's just too much damage! First we moved everything out of there except our bed, which was a PAIN in this itty bitty house. I'm actually really glad we did it, because I found a few hidden dust bunnies - eek!

Then we went to move the bed to the other side of the room, and I knew the flooring was damaged - but ohmygosh, I had no idea exactly how bad it was. It was no wonder we'd been sleeping so poorly: the only thing holding part of the bed from hitting the foundation below was the carpeting! Two of the middle pieces of the bed frame were about 4" into the floor! I about died! Even worse? The bottom of the frame was covered with mold. :( We had to take it straight to the dump, and we need to replace the mattress now too. Thank goodness for airbeds! I hadn't planned to replace our mattress until after we moved, and I kind of cringed looking at the cost of new mattresses. Ouch! (On the other hand, I'll take the excuse to get a king sized bed this time instead of the queen we've been sleeping on!)

It looks like there is a major six foot piece of the flooring that is completely rotten underneath the carpeting - which we knew it needed replaced, of course, but I was hoping it could wait until better weather! This is going to be a home improvement project I am going to hate - not just because of all of the work involved (I'm going to have to bribe my brother to come up and help) but because of the cost involved. We definitely won't need to look for a green carpet cleaner, because there will be no helping that carpeting! It's off to the dump as soon as we can pull it up. (I'm not so sure my DH thinks this is going to be the best use of some of his vacation days, but it's not like we have much of a choice!) We'll be putting down wooden floors - very easy to clean, especially with a kiddo and pets!

I can't decide what color to paint the walls when we get to that point. It's currently a deep jewel purple, and as much as I love the color, it needs a change. I might love it, but prospective buyers probably won't enjoy the color explosion known as my house. ;) I really don't want everything to be all white or offwhite around here (hey, it shows noseprints and fingerprints too easily! lol) but pale colors just don't look pretty to me. DH suggested a burnt orange. Yeah, I'm thinking that color might be a little harder to get people into than even the purple. ;)

If only I could wiggle my nose or snap my fingers and have everything perfect!

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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HorrorCraft said...

That sucks. Sorry to hear about all that. No wonder you weren't sleeping well. Rotting floors and mold. I bet you feel like you live in the money pit.
Gray is really popular right now. How about going for when you paint? A light to medium shade would probably be neutral enough to most buyers.
Regardless, Good Luck.