20 February 2013

Book Review: Living Space: Simple Steps to Transform Your Home By Kathryn Weber

I recently received an e-book copy of the new book Living Space: Simple Steps to Transform Your Home by Kathryn Weber to review.

Looking for a few new ideas to transform your home without hiring someone or breaking the bank? In this book, you'll find simple ways to reinvigorate your home with ideas that are budget-friendly and easy to create. The author reminds you that with organized space, you don't need a bigger home - a message that resonated with me. (This house, and the way it was built, is my pet peeve thanks to too much wasted space!) A simple coat of fresh paint, a bit of decluttering, moving a piece of furniture here (or get rid of entirely) and bam! what was old suddenly seems brand new to us.

Simple. I like simple. Don't get me wrong, I ooooh and ahhh over the fancily designed living rooms, and the only reason I avoid Pinterest is because I know I'll spend hours staring at beautiful pantry porn - but what is the point of having exquisite things on the mantle that you spend every breath terrified it's going to break? Or furniture you are afraid to let you kid sit on for fear of crumbs and stains? That's not simple, that's stress!

The thing is, most of us have no design thumb. We try, but we end up getting overwhelmed and suddenly, it looks like the paint store just exploded in your home. The right color can make or break a room's atmosphere, and the right accent pieces will dictate the tone of the room. If you try to do too much - now you've got a home improvement store exploding in your home. You need a plan, and you need inspiration - but you also need a few DIY hints and tips along the way, and that's where this book can come in, with ideas like changing up your kitchen with a simple backsplash created over the weekend, with a few new herb pots on the windowsill, and ditching your old hand towels for a few pretty new ones. See? It won't break the bank, but three little steps can totally change the entire kitchen and make the room that's usually the hub of the house seem totally different.

Sure, most of this advice is probably in multiple places around the internet, but if you're looking for it all rolled into one book - instead of going from site to site - then this could be the book for you. And hey, the author is a Texan with three rescue pets - I have to give props to that! ;) You also might recognize her name from her nationally syndicated newspaper column on decorating for Tribune Media Services, simply called "Living Space".

Living Space: Simple Steps to Transform Your Home by Kathryn Weber is an e-book published by Tribune Media Services. It is 131 pages long. The suggested retail price is $6.49, and you can purchase it online via Amazon.

I received a copy of this e-book in order to read it and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own, and not that of the author(s) or publisher.

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Sarah Park said...

This is exactly what I need. As a busy mom, it is really hard to manage a home to make it comfortable for the whole family.