04 February 2013

Plenty Of Things To Do Around Here...

It was a busy weekend doing activities and getting projects done over here. Originally the forecast said it was going to be 50 degrees, with sun on and off - but as usual, the forecasters were wrong! At least it was dry, even if we never saw the sunshine. Saturday we went for a good hike, which was sorely needed. I would have loved to have the sunshine to go along with the fresh air, but I will take what I can get!

Next up, we created another raised bed planter, using some free wood planks we had been able to scavenge, and we also used reclaimed nails. DH had to bend a few back, but it was a fun project and it's always nice to know we kept things out of the landfill - and didn't have to spend any money! All of the compost was out of our own bin, and we used a couple of bags of top soil that we had purchased end of season a couple of years ago. Here's the finished project, just waiting for plants to be added:

Next gardening step this week: starting our seedlings! I had to do some research online, because I wanted to make sure any seeds we purchase did not come from a Monstato owned company. I never realized that just because a seed is heirloom, doesn't mean it is organic, and vicesa versa. Things sure have gotten complicated over the last 30 years! I'll share pictures once those are started.

The other project I took was yanking out the can of spray paint. I wanted to fix up the shelf I had gotten dumpster diving a few years ago (see this post) because it had been a couple of years, and it was starting to get a few rust spots here and there. A fresh coat of spray paint made it look just as beautiful as it did the first time I did it! (same can of spray paint I had originally used that was free, so no money out of pocket to pretty it up again!) I am still amazed that someone could just throw out such a lovely shelf. (Their loss - my gain!)

I had also stumbled onto a small rolling shelf at the thrift store a few months ago for just 99 cents. It was one of those white metal wire basket shelves, and it had seen better days - but it seemed like the right size for us, so I snagged it. I figured at 99 cents plus tax I didn't have much to lose! It kind of sat there in the shed on the backburner for awhile, but I was finally able to clean it up and while I was painting the other shelf, I attacked this one. A fresh coat of silver paint and it looks wonderful! Check it out:

I have so much limited space in my kitchen that I plan to use this little cart alongside my weekly menu plan - I'll keep any dry goods/cans for the week's menu on it. The bonus is that's it is a kid friendly size so the kiddo can help me stock it easily and pull out recipe ingredients.

Now if the sun would only come out for a few days...

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jusaweecatnap said...

Great looking garden bed, and shelves, all the more impressive for having been recycled.
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