19 February 2013

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Chilly!

Today I seem to be arguing with the wood stove. I cheated this morning and used a Duraflame log to start it, but it didn't quite catch right. I'm still at it hours later. That's what I get for letting the fire go out during the night even though I knew it was going to be on the cooler side overnight!

First round of seedlings have been started - tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, and sunflowers. Can't forget the sunflowers, to keep my bumblebees happy! :) I'll be starting some more up next week, so I can stagger their harvest time and not get overwhelmed processing our harvest. I noticed Costco has a heavy duty shelf on sale right now, it's verrrry tempting. I just don't know where to put it! lol

New fridge shopping was a royal pain. Well, for me, anyways. I didn't want all the silly bells and whistles, I wanted space. I found it amusing when I checked out the most expensive models that their "space" was really less than the cheaper models. Ditch the extra drawers, the fancy inside lighting, and what do you have? The same thing, $1500 less. lol I looked at one that was over the $3k mark - I couldn't even put half my groceries in that silly thing. Even if I had the money, there's no way I would have bought it! Let's hope the new one survives until we move!

I've been spending more time in the kitchen. I find it's soothing. I'd rather be kneading dough than being online lately.

Not that the really mention much about zombies, but it's a gentle reminder to the general public to get the first three steps of emergency preparedness squared away: Zombies, meteors, asteroids, oh my! Cleveland Public Safety speaks out about emergency planning

Now this is awesome: Zombies Invade Classic Movies My favorite is Alice From Underland.

Top 5: Ways to survive a zombie apocalypse in Chico Most of these apply to just about any city or location. ;) Although, he's missing a few key survival notes - nothing about water or food. Better make sure the building you choose has a few decent vending machines! ;)

And with that, I bid today's Randomness adios!


Stacy Uncorked said...

Is it bad that I'm hysterically laughing that you tried to start your stove with a Duraflame log? Because that is something I would TOTALLY do. Since we have pellet stoves, that's not an option - but the one in the Summer House has an ignitor that doesn't work, so we have to light it manually - we've found that dousing a handful of pellets with - ahem - hand sanitizer does the trick. ;)

New fridge shopping really is a pain - did you pick one out?

Spending time in the kitchen really is soothing, isn't it? As long as the hovering hubby isn't hovering or Princess Nagger isn't nagging. ;)

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Noelle the dreamer said...

I find your line about the soothing of kneading perfect! I too feel this way. Kindred spirits?