05 February 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Mmmm An Excuse For Pancakes!

Happy National Pancake Day!

AH-CHOO! My allergies are killer again this week.

Doggy parents/owners: have you see the rash of dog park problems? We have jerks tossing anti freeze into water bowls, and nails into cheese that are hidden where the dogs will find them, but not so easy for us to see them before the dogs get to them. :( We have some sick, sick people in this world! Keep your heads up and keep your pets in your line of sight.

Between that and all the food/treat recalls, geez.

So much to get done, and so little time! There are moments I understand the allure of the processed foods, the easy to use ready made chemical cleaners, etc. The more I get into doing things natural and getting ready for homesteading, the less time I have for anything else - including, it seems, my poor blog. I'm sorry there have been so little posts the last few months. :( I feel badly sometimes - I hope as I get more energy back I can balance both better.

Speaking of house and home, I noticed grocery shopping that prices are back to creeping back up alongside the gas prices. Ouch!

Sundays are usually my fill it up day - where I refill assorted containers around the house, like my homemade cleaners and the flour container, etc. I filled up the sugar container - and I really don't normally use a lot of sugar in anything I make, except for certain cookies and breads (and jam during fruit season). So I was a little startled to see the sugar down already this morning, when I hadn't used it yet. DH must be the culprit - he has got to be putting like a half a cup of sugar in his coffee lately! No wonder he's not losing any weight right now. Sigh! I'm going to have to hide the sugar!

Mini soapbox rant: It amazes me how many people I hear complaining about the quality of air at the moment, but they ignore the root of the problem:

I see so many trees being ripped down, whole lots of them. Some to build, some just sitting there... empty. Not only do you have erosion then, but you've got - yep, the loss of the trees fixing your bad air. You can't have your cake and eat it too, folks. Yes, there's deadfall. Yes, there's fire hazards. But when you're ripping own trees for grass? C'mon, grass is a weed when it comes down to it. The only function it has for most of us is to look pretty. Grow plants that are food, leave the trees alone. >>This coming from the person with the black thumb! lol

The Walking Dead starts back up Sunday! (Can you tell the excitement around here? lol) I'm looking forward to getting to see Warm Bodies at the theater hopefully this weekend.

Not Just About Killing Zombies For me, I just enjoy seeing how a person might react in certain situations. It makes me think - OK, would I act the same? I also see it as a learning lesson. Sure, there will probably never be a zombie apocalypse, but the chances of a bad earthquake here in WA? Pretty good. Getting my medical cabinet ready for zombies means I am ready to bandage up my family if we get injured during the earthquake, or I can help my neighbors out because you know 911 and the EMTs are going to be overwhelmed.

Omaha woman lost 25 pounds running from Zombies Hmmm... maybe I should break down and get DH a smartphone so he can download that one. ;) Congrats to her on her weight loss, that is awesome!

We are a nation of zombies I blame technology more, but isn't this what I have been saying all along? They're here! lol Seriously though, if that jump in numbers between 1988 and 2008 of people taking anti-depressants is correct, are we doing something right or are we doing something wrong? It makes you wonder. :(

I am super excited for this game release: Last Of Us Screenshots Show Plant Zombies & Heavy Rain

Well, I guess you can find an ad for just about anything these days:

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