21 March 2013

Book Review: Health On Your Plate: Shop & Cook With Yara By Yara Shoemaker

I recently received a copy of the new book Health On Your Plate: Shop & Cook With Yara by Yara Shoemaker.

Are you wanting a healthy kitchen? Maybe you've had life changes - such as finding out your are pregnant, or that for health reasons you need to be careful about food consumption. Or maybe you're just tired of feeling lousy and run down. Yara helps you create your healthy kitchen with a little sex appeal - from making sure you have the proper cookware and kitchen accessories, to stocking your pantry. Full of great information from how to shop for healthy foods (like when foods are in season) to how to avoid additives and pitfalls in the store, this book is chock full of great information. She even has a few beauty tips (using food, of course) lurking inside.

There are a few recipes included, but the bulk of the book is really more about getting to know your food choices and how to get those choices as healthy as possible.

Once upon a time, folks ate nearly everything fresh. Women knew how to cook nutritious meals for their family. And then something happened: convenience took over. I'd have said pretty much everything in this book is common sense to anyone who knows anything about food - but when I look around me at stranger's shopping carts, I realize common sense has apparently been lost. (It was for me for awhile!) Sure, there are some busy days when it's hard to make a meal from scratch, but that's why prepping things ahead of time comes in handy. It doesn't take me any longer to cook an extra cup or two of beans or rice when I make it (something Yara also recommends) and it saves me a step for a meal in the future.

This book is one of those ones I really, really wish I would have had when I first got married and started on my kitchen journey. Now that I am older and wiser, I'm already well on my way for that journey, but I still loved Yara's tips and tricks that she has throughout the book. She makes it easy to read and understand why you should be buying or cooking this or that - it's not full of fluff like some books. I have to give this book two thumbs up!

I also loved all of the little "Yara's Memories" throughout the book, as Yara is originally from Syria and her memories of food and family were fun to read.

One thing that Yara mentions that I couldn't agree more with: "Changing your lifestyle is a gradual process." It really is - you set yourself up for failure when you try to change everything at once (this is why "diets" don't work for many people!). Choose one or two healthy choices to work into your life at a time, and once you're on the roll with that, find one or two more. Before you know it, you're a long way on your journey!

Health On Your Plate: Shop & Cook With Yara by Yara Shoemaker is a hardcover food and cookbook published by Yara's Way LLC. It is 270 pages long. The suggested cover price is $36.99, but Amazon has it available for $21.71 as of this posting.

I received a copy of this book in order to read it and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own, and not that of the author(s) or publisher.

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Alexis Marlons said...

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