26 March 2013

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Spring Is Appearing!

Wow, I can't believe it's Tuesday already. The days are just zipping past!

We have confirmed sightings of Spring here! My daffodils have been in full bloom, and I have some little purple flowers peeking out in the back yard. It's also been almost 60 degrees the last two days with some sun! Yay! The only downside is I seem to run out of time to get everything done. It's funny, the more I get back to basics doing things old school, the less time I have to do fun things or even be online. These are the moments that I understand the allure of convenience things like prepared foods and oh yeah, the dryer. ;) On the other hand? Life is so much less complicated and calm. I get a few moments to reflect on things while I am hanging out the laundry. I know where my food is coming from. And I'd far rather have my hands digging in the dirt, than waste time on Facebook coveting what others have.

Now Pinterest could be a different story... lol I'm not on there still, but I was glancing over a friend's to-do project board and I could feel myself being reeled in! Uh oh! Must... resist! Maybe next winter. ;)

I got the evil eye from an older lady at Fred Meyer's this weekend. She was standing behind me at the eggs as I grabbed the only two marked down containers at 99 cents. Sorry! We use a lot of eggs!

Have you seen the new World War Z trailer yet? If not, you can watch it here. I'm still not digging the ants-y style "zombies". Blech.

Yeah, I know, me and my desire for a touch of realism in my zombie movies. But that's what makes it scary! ;) I just don't do violence for the sake of violence. *shrugs*

Eeek! I just saw what time it is! I have 5 million things to get done before DH gets off work soon. Must get going!


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the time it takes to do things from scratch, hang things on the line, etc. I get tugged in both directions, never really satisfied either way. Ditto on the internet, too, and having to steel myself to avoid looking at Pinterest. I could definitely spend every waking hour in a virtual world if I didn't have DH coming home and asking, "What did you do today?" I feel so guilty. "I added to my vast collection of posts on things I'm going to do someday when I'm not busy looking for more ideas of things to do some day."

Stacy Uncorked said...

My daffodils are finally blooming here, too! It hasn't been warm enough for me to get out and get dirty yet, though - I'm jonesin' to get my flower beds all cleaned up and ready for more bloomage. I don't know how I'll get everything done!

You getting the evil eye from the older lady when you scarfed the last two containers marked down is funny - she apparently should have moved faster. ;)

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