15 March 2013

Review: PROBAR CORE Protein Bars

You might remember about a year ago, I had the opportunity to try out PROBAR Fruition bars (see the review here). Well, PROBAR recently introduced several new products, including the CORE Protein Bars. They sent me on over some to try out.

The PROBAR CORE Protein Bars contain 20 grams of plant protein into each bar. They are vegan, and dairy free. They are also certified gluten free, but do contain soybeans and peanuts, as well as being produced on equipment that also processes milk, egg, wheat, and sesame, so beware if you have any of these food sensitivities or allergies. The CORE Protein Bars contain great ingredients like chia and flax seeds, along with other easily recognizable ingredients - many of which are organic. That's important to me - my life isn't a science experiment. I want to be eating food I could recreate in my own kitchen, not a laboratory!

Available in yummy flavors like Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Brownie Crisp, they are sure to please your sweet tooth while giving you the good stuff, like 4 to 6 grams of fiber in one (depending on the flavor you choose). They also give you some omega 3 and omega 6, and they are certified non-GMO. Many of the ingredients are mostly raw, too.

These CORE Protein Bars aren't puny either, they are a good size and will definitely fill you up - they are more of a meal bar! (I can barely finish one myself) The great part? You get both crunchy and chewy at the same time when you bite into them. Who needs a candy bar for an afternoon pick me up when you can chomp down on one of these instead?

My favorite was the Brownie Crisp, but my DH was all over the Peanut Butter Chocolate. When I gave one to him, I hid the wrapper and he had no idea that these were gluten free and healthier than some of the other bar choices. ;) Now I almost regret sharing a few with him, because he keeps asking for the last ones! I might have to hide them! LOL By the way, if you're so-so on Mint Chocolate, give these a try. You know the mint is there, but it's not overwhelming fakeness like some of the other options on the market. Usually I steer clear of mint chocolate because of that, but these were pretty good! I'm hoping they eventually come out with a coconut chocolate bar....

You can purchase PROBAR CORE Protein Bars online via their website, or keep your eyes peeled for them in small healthy shops and restaurants, as well as places like Nordstrom and REI. (That's where I buy my Fruition bars!) If you purchase online they have free shipping on orders over $75, and be sure to sign up for their email list in order to snag 10% off your order! You can also get 40% off your first order using promo code BLOGGER at checkout. And don't forget to like PROBAR over on Facebook for sales and new product announcements!

I received samples of the product shown above in order to try them out and share my thoughts on them. All opinions are my own.

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