01 August 2013

Note To Self: The Outdoor Critter Edition

I am practically tearing my hair out this week trying to get everything done that needs to be done. I got everything ready for a trip to the dog park - which should have been a good thing. Except we didn't end up going yesterday, and in my haste to get everything else done, I forgot about the package I had placed with the jugs of water to take to the dog park.

DH got up to leave for work and saw this out the door:

Oops. I guess someone else decided they would make a great snack too. (I was taking them to feed the squirrels in the park, since we don't have any here) I haven't seen the raccoons in ages, but maybe they have returned? I fear it might be a rat(s), because I saw one in the neighbor's yard last week as we were driving past. And if I can see it from the truck, you know it's a big one. :( I really, really hope it's the raccoons and not rats!! I like rats, but pet rats. (Very longtime readers might remember our pet rat, Isis)

Granted, I have a horde of cats (LOL) who I know will catch anything that wanders in the door. Magick has proven his worth in the past (remember this post here?) and I saw Solstice catch things when he was still living outside too. The girls, well, I wouldn't hold my breath - my boys are worth their weight in gold. Or close to it, anyways. Gold is pricey these days! ;)

You'd think with all of the neighbor's outdoor cats, that we wouldn't have to worry about things like that. No instead, I get to worry about fleas - because I just had to treat my yard, thanks to those cats. Gah!

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Buffy Goosev, AKA: Momma Goose said...

We once went camping and squirrels ate all the sunflower seeds I had left out. The funny thing was they left me all the shells in a nice, neat pile. We "cracked" up all afternoon. LOL!

Hopefully it isn't rate/mice!

Always ~ Momma Goose