08 December 2013

Too Many Toys?! What To Do?

Let's face it: 'tis the season for kids to want pretty much one of everything. Their wish list grows as the hottest toys are advertised over... and over... and over. So it's no wonder that the gifts most kids receive are toys! Whether you'll be giving in and buying everything on your child's wishlist, or you're on the hunt for one or two special gifts, you'll probably want to make a little room for the new stuff coming in.

It's actually the perfect time of the year to clean out the toys bins and toy boxes and purge the toys they have outgrown and become disinterested in. Kids can be extra motivated when they know Santa is on the way! ;) There are plenty of folks ready to snatch up your gently used toys. Your local resale shop or Craigslist can net you a couple of extra dollars towards your Christmas shopping, but be sure that the gently used toys are clean and have all the pieces - especially for games or puzzles. You can also donate the toys at your favorite local charity shop or Goodwill.

However, there's another choice for some of those toys that I'd like to remind you about. Last year I let you know about Second Chance Toys here. Second Chance Toys takes clean and gently used plastic toys (they only take plastic ones because they are easy to sanitize before being "re-gifted". Take a peek at the Second Chance Toys website to see if there is a collection spot in your area. (and if not, and you're not too insane this holiday season, you can always donate a bit of your time to be a donation spot for the moms around you to donate!)

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Debbie Tom said...

Love your blog, especially the title. I know I am not alone now!!!! I don't get a lot of toys for my kids because they annoy me so much (the toys not the kids- i think)but what they do have I go through and get rid of what's broken and not functioning and then donate the rest.
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