29 April 2014

End Of April Tuesday Random Thoughts

So it's gorgeous outside... and here I am on the couch. lol I'll go back out in a bit. I cut the grass three days ago and I swear it needs cut again?

I was walking one of the cats outside (What? your cats don't walk on a leash?) and saw the eagle overhead again... that's twice now. Funny that we had not seen one around here for years and now there's one hanging around. He was circling, so I brought the kitty inside quick. Those of you not familiar with the eagles may not realize that kitties make a good supper for them - not happening with one my mine!!!

Everything is blooming outside in the yard, even the lilacs. It still seems a little early, but then again I don't recall it ever being 80+ in April here since we've lived here in WA. Weird. I spotted a few bumblebees, FINALLY. I was starting to think one of my neighbors had sprayed something that killed them. :( These guys aren't very big, but hopefully all these flowers will sturdy them on up.

So back at the beginning of March, I made a bet with DH that the neighbor would not cut the grass before May. I'm about to win.... it's already knee high.

We went to visit the baby chicks at the farm store a couple of days ago. They had the little ducks in too.

Zombie nuts take over Houston as Walking Dead comes to life — with plenty of gross gore Oh, fun. With plenty of exercise. lol

Chris Hackett on Why Zombies Fascinate Us, How to Survive the Apocalypse Hmm... interesting.

So FEMA sends my blog alerts (DH gets a total kick out of this), and in the latest one today, they want schools to know they can still participate in America’s PrepareAthon! National Day of Action. The Federal Emergency Management Agency encourages K-12 schools to take part by registering their April 30 events. For more information, check out here. I remember our school doing tornado and fire drills very regularly... earthquake from time to time... we also still did nuclear up until about the second grade if I recall. (I remember one in first grade) I'm honestly not sure what hiding under our desk would have done if someone decided to blow up one or three of the big three cities back home, but at least they tried to make us aware. ;) Kids can learn pretty fast on what to do in an emergency, so make sure your family knows what to do.

With the weather change, we switched out some of the stuff in our emergency bags... I know I am weird but I always get geeky over playing with some of the fun stuff we have in our bags. I bought an extra mylar blanket the other day so we can pull it out and play with it in the sun this week. We're also going to be trying out daddy's new firestarter. DH is awful at starting fires... so I am going to guess the kiddo will get one started before he will. haha! (And we are also heading to REI for that tent I promised... sigh I wonder if Walmart carries them in their camping section? Hmmm...)

And... Red Cross Provides Tornado Preparedness Tips Seriously, there is no excuse to be ready for emergencies. You don't need expensive stuff to make an emergency kit... you'd be surprised at what is lying around the house that works. And having a plan is free - snap to it! :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm older than you, so I remember duck and cover drills into high school. My HS teachers were not pleased to have their lessons interrupted, so they'd sigh and announce, "You've just had a duck and cover drill" and they'd go on teaching. You're absolutely right. Sitting under a desk would have done nothing but make us feel silly. We did have an air raid shelter in the lower level of the HS, though I wonder how many people it could have accommodated. There were many 55 gallon drums down there, some supposedly full of water and some full of saltines (to make us thirsty?). When they turned the shelter into a nursery school, the teacher tried moving them aside; one split open and out oozed some black goo. It would seem we were pretty much unprepared for a true disaster. I do hope all the schools in the ever expanding Tornado Alley can pull together the funds to build protected areas for the children. The tornadoes this week were horrifying.