Help Me with Outdoor Landscaping

There are days where you feel like you can’t take anymore. The kids are driving you crazy. Things in the house keep breaking either do to be used a lot or because it is just one more thing that needs to break down in your life day. Usually, I let my husband deal with all of the outdoor maintenance. Usually, he is happy to do it. However, recently, he put it in my hands to take care of it.

One afternoon I went outside for a walk. I looked up and saw that a tree was leaning against another tree which was about to fall on our house. I quickly called my husband who was at work. He was super busy and unable to come home at the moment. He told me, ‘honey, you are going to have to do this yourself.’

I quickly began looking for someone to come and cut the tree down before it fell on our house. There was a little pressure here. I quickly googled tree services in Savannah. I looked through Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and some tree cutting services like this one

After deciding which company I should call, I called them right away. The gentleman couldĀ  tell that I was panicking. It was probably because I was screaming and breathing very loudly. CAN YOU COME QUICKLY. I would have paid the guy anything at this moment. Have you ever had to go through the trouble of getting a contractor to fix something major. It is exhausting and it can take forever. The gentleman knew IĀ  was panicking. He tried to talk me down from the edge of the cliff. He assured me that everything would be fine. He said that he would be over right away.

Thirty minutes later he was there in my front yard. He said, ‘mam, you were right for calling this is pretty bad.’ Meaning, the tree is going to fall on your house soon if you don’t do anything. I loved it that the guy jumped right to action. He brought his lift truck with some rope and he went to town. It is amazing what these guys can do to take a tree down. It took him about 3 hours to get both trees down. It was amazing. The price wasn’t that bad after that he had done.

The moral to the story. Ladies don’t be afraid. You can tackle projects like this with your husband gone. Do a little research and you will be fine.